Friday, 26 July 2013

Mobile Application Development Tip: How to Distribute Beta App via TestFlight

In the process of building numerous wonderful mobile apps, one also requires to check them if they are really working well. And after testing the app on personal mobiles, there comes the need of testing it on the customers’ mobile phones. Thus, distributing the beta version of your app to your customers’ cell phone holds an essential place in the mobile application development programs.

This beta version distribution part can sometimes be an easy and super quick task to do but sometimes it can be really difficult especially when your clients look forward to send it to a group of people for testing purposes.

But this can surely be made easier and for this all you’ll need to do is use a super cool tool called TestFlight! This will do your task in fast and simple way saving you a lot of time!

So, how you’re going to do that?

Well, it is really easy to do it. But just to add a little more simplicity to the process, we’ve got the steps below! Simply follow them and you’ll be done!

First, Get Registered

This will hardly take any time, you’ll simply have to create an account with TestFlight and this will neither require you to spend a lot of time nor any of your precious dimes!

Second, Create a New Team

The moment your account gets ready, you get to create a new team for this you’ll have to log in and select the “Add team” option; this will let you create a new team. This will get your new team TestFlight ready.

Third, Add people to your Team or Invite people to your Team

This will require you to select the “Invite People” option from the dashboard. On selecting it, you’ll find a form where you’ll have to add the emails of your team members. So, simply add the email addresses of the people you want to invite and type a short message and click the “Send Invitation” option.

You’ll have to repeat this step for all the members you want to invite to your team.

Fourth, Wait for your Team Members to Accept your Invitation and Update the Provisioning Profile.

You can’t send the apps until all the members of your team accept your invitation. So, you’ll have to wait for them to accept your invitation. So, how will you know if they have accepted the invitation? That’s pretty simple; you’ll be notified about it with a green status indicator brightly shining next to their names!

When your team members are still busy accepting the invitation, you can obtain the UDID or Unique Device Identifier of each or the devices to which you are to send the app for the testing purpose.

Once you have the UDID strings of the devices to which you want to send the beta app, you’ll simply need to add the devices to your Apple developer account and create the provisioning profile needed for your app.  Once you’ve done this part, you’re ready for creating your app build.

Fifth and final, Uploading .ipa File

This will simply require you to go to the TestFlight Dashboard and select the “Upload a Build” option. Once you’ve chosen it, simply drag and drop the .ipa file (executable file of the app) in order to upload the form and choose the “Upload” option.

Pheww... got your .ipa files uploaded.

That’s it! Finally it’s all done! A notification will be sent to all the members of your team about the uploading of the build. They’ll now be able to upload the build on their devices and use it for testing purposes!

Since testing is an essential part of development, mobile app developers must make it easier with the help of special tools to save time and energy and get the things done in easier way!

Mobile application development has become an important need of the time, missing it will miss a lot of potential customers using the mobile platform. Adaptative with its expert team of mobile app developers is here to provide you with the right kind of development solutions to reach your mobile using audience. 


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